Micro in tinitrader Christmas Gift Guide!

Shopping for multiple kids at Christmas time isn’t easy, that is why we love which is the one-stop-shop for mums! is an online marketplace with over 25,000 products from clothes and toys to your favourite Micro Scooters. You can buy online or click and collect from over 250 retailers and sellers located around Australia. We are thrilled to have our ... Read More

The Best Tricks & Treats out there!

The Best Tricks & Treats out there! If your kids enjoy the one day a year where they can fill their bags with treats and perform tricks then here are some fun costume ideas where they can bring along their scooter too! Zip from house to house, avoid sore feet and of course... collect as much candy as possible before it's ... Read More

Rollin' out the Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Little kids love it when their Dad plays the big kid, so what could be a better present for Father’s Day than an adult scooter? Our ... Read More

10 year celebration and a goodbye to an icon

The Mini Micro scooter was the very first scooter we bought to Australia 10 years ago. Ever since it's been loved by many parents and children around Australia. Not only for giving preschoolers a kick start in developing key motor skills but for the fun and independence it provides. To celebrate the Mini Micro Classics 10th Birthday we're offering 30% off ... Read More

Stockist Feature: Skater HQ

Skater HQ was one of the very first stores that stocked our scooters in Australia 9 years ago and continue to have a great range in store today. They're a premium stockist who love the product just as much as we do. We got the chance to chat to owner Bill and ask him a few questions about his stores. ... Read More

Broken cyclist scoots back to health

Most parents just want to keep up with their kids on a scooter ride. But doing that on a kid’s scooter just feels, well, a bit silly. Perhaps that’s why sales of Micro adult scooters have gone ballistic – all the fun without looking foolish. But footing it with scooter-crazy kids isn’t the only benefit of riding an adult scooter. ... Read More

User Review - the emicro one electric scooter

The journey that lead me to the emicro one started on my way to work. It’s a bit of a hike on foot, and every day I saw a couple of guys on Micro scooters scoot past me and disappear into the distance, leaving me thinking "I need one of those!" Determined to get there as fast and fresh as ... Read More

Be the fun one this Mother's Day

Make this Mother's Day memorable by giving Mum (or yourself) a fun gift. A lot of the time as Mums we don't come under the 'Fun' category. Some of our best memories is the fun we have as a family. With a scooter for Mother's Day it will let you be the fun one more often. Scoot the school run, ... Read More

Have you seen emicro one yet?

Emicro one electric scooter is the future of urban mobility. Today more and more people live in the city with the need to have space saving and practical transport is as important as ever. Electric kick scooters are becoming increasing popular as they're a convenient, green and quick ... Read More

Emicro Electric Scooter reviews

Cars get stuck in traffic. Buses and trains don't get you all the way to your destination. Walking is slow, and bikes take up too much room. If you need to get from A to B in a hurry, a folding electric scooter can kick some serious ass. CNET It’s an incredible feeling, and the power flows naturally as you push, allowing ... Read More

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