5 ways an electric scooter will change your life

The emicro Condor is the ultimate fully electric scooter operated by a unique two-way twist throttle and handbrake. Packing a 500w motor and large 200mm anti-slip tyres there is no question of its superiority on e-scooter market. The emicro Condor can reach speeds of 25km/h with a range of 20km dependent on weight of rider, selected speed/power setting and terrain. ... Read More

Creating Memories with Micro

We got a chance to ask the lovely Chelsea Lee Smith about her approach for spending time with her children in a busy life. Mother of three, Chelsea talks about the importance of laughter, one on one attention and how she can now join in their hobbies and show commitment to their interests. Not to mention that she can now ... Read More

Micro Mum Stevie on creating awesome memories

We want to help create memories that will last a lifetime and share the fun and adventures of kids.  Stevie @mytribeofsix explores the memories that she has with her Mum and how she brings that happiness in to her relationship with her kids with the importance of doing what they love.  Between you and me she has some great advice, fun ... Read More

One commute made perfect by the Flex Air

Want enjoy your commute? Want your time back in the morning? Come and see us at Micro Scooters and we can make the seemingly impossible possible for you by putting joy back in to your commute. Joe recently came into Micro HQ and had a chat with us on why he enjoys his commute on the Flex Air. What made you decide ... Read More


Introducing the emicro Condor, Micro's new lightweight, foldable fully electric scooter.  With a throttle and 20 range and it embodies the ultimate in electric functionality and design built with the commuter at the core, a truly innovative addition to the Micro electric range.  We had the chance to chat with the product manager, Gian Zimmermann, on everything from the emicro one ... Read More

School run, Micro Mums advice

The sun is out, school is starting and what better way to enjoy the two than scooting the school run. It’s the perfect way to make the school run fun, active and healthy for your preschoolers, children and teens. Not to mention squeezing in a bit family time and waking everyone up ready to start the day. Get Mum, Dad ... Read More

Tips for the First Week Back at School

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are coming to an end and school is right around the corner. Get all ducks in a row for the New Year and the school run sorted with Micro! We have asked around and collated a few tried and tested tricks to help make the first week back at school ... Read More

Keep your NY Resolutions

We're a couple of weeks into 2018 and lots of us will have made a bunch of New Year's resolutions. If you're anything like us, you might have already started falling off whichever wagon it was you were on. On New Year's Eve it seemed so possible that ... Read More

Japan; top tips for happy family holidays

Japan is one of the most family-friendly countries we have been to. It's all about the attitude to kids and their needs and inevitable melt downs thanks to the generous and understanding spirit of Japanese people. Which makes it a surprisingly great place to travel with kids. We have three boys who are all accustomed to kicking a ball in the ... Read More

Micro in tinitrader Christmas Gift Guide!

Shopping for multiple kids at Christmas time isn’t easy, that is why we love which is the one-stop-shop for mums! is an online marketplace with over 25,000 products from clothes and toys to your favourite Micro Scooters. You can buy online or click and collect from over 250 retailers and sellers located around Australia. We are thrilled to have our ... Read More

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